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Announcing Apscitu's IT Incompetents Hall of Shame

By Duane Thresher, Ph.D.     May 15, 2018

Apscitu Inc. is proud to announce its IT Incompetents Hall of Shame, which is part of our mission to stop IT incompetence to the highest levels of government and business, including media. This mission requires shaming individuals who are IT incompetent, particularly IT leaders like CIOs. For the full explanation read our Stop IT Incompetence page, which has been completely rewritten, expanded, and improved for our IT Incompetents Hall of Shame (some notes are also provided in the Hall).

The IT Incompetents Hall of Shame actually has three wings: Government, Business, and Media. (Conceivably there could be an Education wing, and there may be in the future, but for now we just blanket shame for-profit and community colleges; see Stop IT Incompetence page.)

Given that government is handing over its IT to business there can be crossover and we list some individuals in both wings. While media is a business its IT incompetents are listed only in the Media wing.

The Hall of Shame will be continuously updated and there are enough IT incompetents to last for a long time to come. Check back often and we will be announcing additions on Twitter, including directly to the inductee, if possible. You can think of Apscitu's IT Incompetents Hall of Shame as the LinkedIn of IT incompetents.

We of course include the most notorious examples: in the Government wing, the Hillary Clinton IT tech who risked national security and cost Hillary Clinton the presidential election; and in the Business wing the Equifax data breach Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) who was a music major. There are none for the Media wing because obviously the media does not write about its own IT incompetents. That's also why there won't be any media coverage of Apscitu Inc.'s IT Incompetents Hall of Shame.

And here is the IT Incompetents Hall of Shame:

Government IT Incompetents Hall Of Shame

Business IT Incompetents Hall Of Shame

Media IT Incompetents Hall Of Shame