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Highest-grade secure custom information technology services and consulting for select clients. In short, IT consulting for VIPs.

Since Information Technology (IT) is really communication-of-information technology, IT is mostly computer networking. (Cyber is a prefix meaning IT, so for example, IT security is also known as cybersecurity.) Computer includes supercomputers, desktops, laptops, tablets, phones, etc. There has been a "convergence" and all of these devices now communicate -- their most important function -- over the same networks, particularly the Internet.

Thus, being an IT expert, of the highest grade, means being a networking expert, which I, Dr. Duane Thresher, am by far; see my Credentials page and what constitutes acceptable IT qualifications. The most important IT qualification is an IT education, since experience without foundational education is meaningless; having worked unqualified for years is not itself a qualification, just a condemnation of the employer. Would you trust your life to a doctor or a lawyer with no medical or legal education?

Always demand from any IT company the IT qualifications of whoever is actually doing the IT work. I do all the actual IT work for Apscitu Inc. Our mission is to stop IT incompetence. Apscitu Inc. is the only IT services and consulting firm that fearlessly lists our competitors on our website -- see our Business IT Incompetents Hall of Shame.

Security has become the most important aspect of IT (cybersecurity). Being able to do your banking on your smartphone, for example, is just stupid if it means your money may be stolen.

IT solutions for the masses, particularly for security, are often not the best for the individual, particularly VIPs. Security is in the details and the details differ for individuals (one size does not fit all). Everyone can use the most secure encryption there is (RSA) but if you mess up the details at either end, like leaving the encryption password exposed, the encryption is worthless (see How Twitter Made a Hash of Passwords). If you want the best it has to be custom work.

We provide IT services, like setting up secure email, and IT consulting, with expertise on all aspects of IT. Additionally, I write articles (and do the artwork) and speak on all aspects of IT; see Apscitu's Expert IT News for examples.

Select clients means those who need us the most and need the best, i.e., VIPs. They are the biggest hacker targets and have the most to lose (like her or not, if Hillary Clinton had hired us, she would not have lost the presidency over email). Apscitu's mission is to stop IT incompetence to the highest levels of government and business, including the media.

Additionally, we only accept non-criminal U.S. clients. In IT, working for or working as a foreigner makes one suspect, especially when it comes to security; it makes one IT incompetent.

Unlike many providing IT services and consulting to U.S. government and business, Apscitu Inc. is a U.S. corporation and I am a U.S. citizen, born in the U.S.A. I was born on an Air Force ICBM base during the Cold War while my father, an Air Force officer, was manning a missile silo (plus a couple of years ago my wife, daughter, and I lived among active silos in Montana), and I was raised on Air Force bases throughout the U.S. and the world. While I was at MIT I did some mathematical modeling of nuclear war scenarios with Russia. My years of work with U.S. Government supercomputers at NASA and ARSC, a Department of Defense facility, required clearance. My brother, a former police officer, is an ICE agent for the Department of Homeland Security.

Being the highest-grade IT expert means years of expensive education at top universities and then years of experience. And all custom work is expensive.

To start discussing what Apscitu Inc. can do for you, initially contact me at Dr.Duane.Thresher@alum.MIT.edu or Dr.Duane.Thresher@caa.Columbia.edu. Edu email addresses provide authentication -- I am an MIT and Columbia alum -- since who can get a .edu domain is restricted. In any case, do NOT send any sensitive information until Apscitu sets you up with secure communications, which is one of our services.

If you would like to speak to me, which is also a good authentication measure, email me for my phone number (not publicizing your phone number is a good security measure). Note though, that talking on the phone, cell or landline, is not secure and making it secure is harder than making email secure.

Similarly, if you would like to snail mail me, email me for my address. Snail mailing is the most secure, but slowest, communication method.