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M.S. from UA and NCAR in Supercomputing

I took many advanced courses at the University of Arizona (UA) regarding climate modeling on supercomputers and did very well in all of them.

I then did research in climate modeling on supercomputers there using National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) supercomputers, some of the fastest in the world.

Climate models are some of the most sophisticated programs (software) ever written, and climate modeling requires a lot of sophisticated programming (i.e., computer science; see B.S. Credentials entry). For example, I programmed (a.k.a. coded) part of NCAR's climate model, including finding and fixing a major bug that had been there since it was created years before. See this NCAR code and search for "Thresher" twice.

Supercomputers are mostly computers made with up to thousands of "parallel" processors networked together. Programming these networked parallel supercomputers requires knowledge of this underlying hardware (i.e., electrical engineering; see B.S. Credentials entry).

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