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Web Programming Expertise

I have been programming websites since near the beginning of the Web back in the 1990's. I've kept up with the extensive changes in web programming over the years by practice and study, including reading books on the subject, not just Googling for code to copy, which has become standard for website designers and schools like community colleges. Programming well in any language is more quickly learned once you have a solid foundation in computer science and I have a B.S. from MIT in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

With security always in mind — see Security Expertise from Hacking and Thresher Networks — I program all my own websites, including most recently the Apscitu websites: Apscitu, Apscitu Mail, Apscitu Law, and Stop IT Incompetence.

After Montana and Thresher Networks LLC, I moved to the Silicon Valley area in California to start work on an idea I have for an innovative social networking website, one that is not faddish like existing ones and with a better business model; the next big thing but with lasting power. I'm programming the website using the most advanced web programming: Perl, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, AJAX, PHP, Linux, Apache, and MySQL.

For more on web programming, including its history, and the Apscitu websites, see Websites: Simple is Smart, Secure, and Speedy.

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