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Fake Federal Facebook Fury Finally Finished

By Duane Thresher, Ph.D.          April 16, 2018

Last week the much-hyped testimony by Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook's supposed creator, in front of the United States Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation and the Senate Judiciary Committee finally finished. It was supposed to be a grilling by a furious Senate on Facebook's selling of its user data to outside unscrupulous companies, as well as other Facebook violations, like political censorship, but was more of a softball questioning publicity stunt. That it was a publicity stunt was further confirmed by the redundant anticlimactic "me too" questioning by the House a day later, which I thus don't cover here.

Some have pointed out the political donations that many senators have taken from Zuckerberg/Facebook to show that their Facebook fury was fake. But if you know you are going to get the donation no matter what — companies give to both parties to cover all their bases — then you don't really have to do anything or feel obligated to the donor for the donation.

Far more important is the free far-reaching political advertising available on Facebook. Below we have compiled a U.S. Senators Facebook Accounts table with the Facebook accounts of every member of the Senate and their number of followers. Some of the accounts have over a million followers. Reaching this many people at any time for free by just sitting is unheard of in history. Before Facebook, politicians had to actually get out and talk to the people, which kept them in touch. Now Facebook is part of government's and business's plan to make it so you can only talk to computers, not humans.

(Looking at the number of followers in the U.S. Senators Facebook Accounts table below it is understandable why during the testimony Republican Senator Ted Cruz of Texas was particularly concerned about liberal Facebook censorship and why Socialist Bernie Sanders of Vermont was not.)

If the Senate was really furious with Zuckerberg/Facebook they would have simply deleted their accounts in protest and advised their constituents to do the same. But senators are not going to give up that free far-reaching advertising easily, which is understandable from a business point of view. The Senate is actually frightened to death of not being able to use Facebook.

Although I too appreciate free far-reaching advertising, I don't have a Facebook account in my name and never did. I always knew Mark Zuckerberg was an IT incompetent slimeball (having a baby face does not make him innocent) and could not and would not protect user data, which often includes photos, names, and addresses of children; perfect for pedophiles and child abductors. (Plus as Facebook's direct precursor, Zuckerberg himself created Facemash, which was a security-breaching privacy-violating hack to sexually harass women by allowing a vote on which of two unsuspecting coeds was hotter.)

How did I compile the U.S. Senators Facebook Accounts table if I don't have a Facebook account in my name? With my fake Facebook account of course. As Zuckerberg has admitted, many Facebook accounts are fake. The large number of fake Facebook accounts should very much dilute the value of a Facebook follower but users seem oblivious to this.

During the testimony some senators questioned Zuckerberg about liberal censorship on Facebook. As much as I hate political censorship, the fact is the First Amendment only applies to government censorship, not private entities, which can legally censor all they want. If Zuckerberg had actually finished college he might have known this and just stated it flatly right at the beginning, cutting off further questions on the subject. Zuckerberg/Facebook can censor Congress but Congress can't censor Zuckerberg/Facebook. Most senators, being lawyers, know this perfectly well.

(Similarly, the First Amendment does not apply to kneeling during the national anthem during sports events. The non-government team owners could legally stop this if they wanted to.)

During the testimony some senators talked about breaking up Facebook as a monopoly. Facebook is not a monopoly. Twitter for example very successfully and directly competes with it: Facebook post = Twitter tweet. It's also not a vital service like oil or railroad or telephone, or any other monopoly that was successfully trust busted. Everyone could do without Facebook ... and should. Most senators, being lawyers, know this perfectly well.

There are terrorist victims who have sued Facebook for aiding and abetting terrorists, via providing a communications network and publicity. Mary Surratt was hanged just for providing lodging to John Wilkes Booth, President Lincoln's assassin. And Zuckerberg/Facebook have shown themselves eager to censor political speech but reluctant to censor terrorists.

These are important lawsuits that could be won and help protect the American people. That's what the Senate should have been grilling Zuckerberg about. Most senators, being lawyers, know this perfectly well.

No matter now. The fake federal Facebook fury is finally finished.

U.S. Senators Facebook Accounts



Facebook Account
Alabama Richard Shelby (R) RichardShelby 59,462
Doug Jones (D) senatordougjones 6,935
Alaska Lisa Murkowski (R) SenLisaMurkowski 51,553
lisaforalaska 23,562
Dan Sullivan (R) SenDanSullivan 18,248
DanSullivanforAlaska 15,407
Arizona John McCain (R) johnmccain 982,976
senatorjohnmccain 77,742
Jeff Flake (R) senatorjeffflake 80,109
Arkansas John Boozman (R) JohnBoozman 39,973
BoozmanforArkansas 37,573
Tom Cotton (R) SenatorTomCotton 147,588
TomCottonAR 263,157
California Dianne Feinstein (D) SenatorFeinstein 439,965
DianneFeinstein 44,412
Kamala Harris (D) SenatorKamalaHarris 894,297
KamalaHarris 972,291
Colorado Michael Bennet (D) senbennetco 84,788
BennetForColorado 30,790
Cory Gardner (R) SenCoryGardner 79,427
Cory.Gardner.For.Senate 27,244
Connecticut Richard Blumenthal (D) SenBlumenthal 64,815
dickblumenthal 47,161
Chris Murphy (D) ChrisMurphyCT 283,977
Delaware Thomas Carper (D) tomcarper 26,901
TomCarperforDE 1,082
Christopher Coons (D) senatorchriscoons 23,654
chriscoons 18,497
Florida Bill Nelson (D) billnelson 217,948
BillNelsonForSenate 21,692
Marco Rubio (R) SenatorMarcoRubio 501,141
MarcoRubio 1,423,037
Georgia Johnny Isakson (R) isakson 245,737
David Perdue (R) SenatorDavidPerdue 111,155
perduesenate 66,651
Hawaii Brian Schatz (D) SenBrianSchatz 19,534
BrianSchatz 25,825
Mazie Hirono (D) senatorhirono 20,128
mazie.hirono 23,730
Idaho Mike Crapo (R) mikecrapo 21,396
Mike-Crapo-For-US-Senate 9,742
James Risch (R) SenatorJimRisch 2,817
Illinois Richard Durbin (D) SenatorDurbin 190,862
dickdurbin 63,538
Tammy Duckworth (D) SenDuckworth 210,403
TammyForIllinois 189,686
Indiana Joe Donnelly (D) senatordonnelly 92,511
JoeForIndiana 14,865
Todd Young (R) SenatorToddYoung 80,426
ToddYoungIndiana 55,725
Iowa Chuck Grassley (R) grassley 53,404
grassleyworks 24,762
Joni Ernst (R) senjoniernst 42,165
joniforiowa 60,283
Kansas Pat Roberts (R) SenPatRoberts 41,982
Jerry Moran (R) jerrymoran 39,492
Kentucky Mitch McConnell (R) mitchmcconnell 91,709
McConnellForSenate 181,712
Rand Paul (R) SenatorRandPaul 808,236
RandPaul 1,972,047
Louisiana Bill Cassidy (R) billcassidy 84,658
John Kennedy (R) SenatorJohnKennedy 37,134
JohnKennedyLouisiana 46,221
Maine Susan Collins (R) susancollins 72,280
Angus King Jr. (I) SenatorAngusSKingJr 52,501
angusformaine 52,031
Maryland Benjamin Cardin (D) senatorbencardin 86,252
bencardin 4,916
Chris Van Hollen (D) chrisvanhollen 80,142
VanHollenForMD 68,425
Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren (D) senatorelizabethwarren 3,601,069
ElizabethWarren 3,124,450
Edward Markey (D) EdJMarkey 115,610
EdMarkeyforMA 50,119
Michigan Debbie Stabenow (D) SenatorStabenow 33,335
stabenow 122,109
Gary Peters (D) SenGaryPeters 91,464
PetersForMichigan 33,187
Minnesota Amy Klobuchar (D) amyklobuchar 237,668
Tina Smith (D) USSenTinaSmith 18,765
TinaSmithMN 16,502
Mississippi Roger Wicker (R) SenatorWicker 43,737
wicker 109,215
Cindy Hyde-Smith (R) CindyHydeSmith2018 4,689
Missouri Claire McCaskill (D) senatormccaskill 122,746
clairemccaskill 132,147
Roy Blunt (R) SenatorBlunt 64,670
RoyForMissouri 61,335
Montana Jon Tester (D) senatortester 60,203
jontester 41,460
Steve Daines (R) SteveDainesMT 24,470
SteveDainesforMontana 11,717
Nebraska Deb Fischer (R) senatordebfischer 28,369
debfischerforsenate 14,506
Ben Sasse (R) SenatorSasse 55,451
sassefornebraska 55,860
Nevada Dean Heller (R) SenDeanHeller 41,010
DeanHeller 21,099
Catherine Cortez Masto (D) SenatorCortezMasto 26,092
catherinecortezmasto 47,665
New Hampshire Jeanne Shaheen (D) SenatorShaheen 40,507
jeanneshaheenNH 22,584
Margaret Hassan (D) SenatorHassan 30,085
maggiefornh 25,527
New Jersey Robert Menendez (D) senatormenendez 111,344
MenendezForNJ 17,163
Cory Booker (D) corybooker 1,165,341
New Mexico Tom Udall (D) senatortomudall 45,977
tomudall 72,218
Martin Heinrich (D) MartinHeinrich 41,803
TeamHeinrich 34,203
New York Charles Schumer (D) senschumer 480,714
Ceschumer 232,881
Kirsten Gillibrand (D) SenKirstenGillibrand 57,361
KirstenGillibrand 477,987
North Carolina Richard Burr (R) SenatorRichardBurr 88,666
burrforsenate 77,788
Thom Tillis (R) SenatorThomTillis 106,840
ThomTillis 84,155
North Dakota John Hoeven (R) SenatorJohnHoeven 15,972
HoevenForSenate 14,314
Heidi Heitkamp (D) SenatorHeidiHeitkamp 26,674
HeidiforNorthDakota 22,352
Ohio Sherrod Brown (D) SenatorSherrodBrown 63,929
sherrod 229,640
Rob Portman (R) senrobportman 114,817
robportman 217,587
Oklahoma James Inhofe (R) jiminhofe 77,317
jiminhofeforsenate 36,832
James Lankford (R) SenatorLankford 80,521
lankford.for.america 92,727
Oregon Ron Wyden (D) wyden 266,564
Jeff Merkley (D) jeffmerkley 145,127
JeffMerkleyOregon 312,036
Pennsylvania Robert Casey Jr. (D) SenatorBobCasey 164,518
BobCaseyJr 34,167
Patrick Toomey (R) senatortoomey 99,501
patricktoomey 189,862
Rhode Island Jack Reed (D) SenJackReed 26,274
Sheldon Whitehouse (D) SenatorWhitehouse 39,536
SheldonWhitehouse 12,073
South Carolina Lindsey Graham (R) USSenatorLindseyGraham 96,992
LindseyGrahamSC 163,896
Tim Scott (R) SenatorTimScott 167,264
votetimscott 179,376
South Dakota John Thune (R) johnthune 92,376
Mike Rounds (R) SenatorMikeRounds 9,259
mikerounds 8,960
Tennessee Lamar Alexander (R) senatorlamaralexander 94,633
lamaralexander 30,425
Bob Corker (R) bobcorker 108,147
CorkerforTN 27,928
Texas John Cornyn (R) SenJohnCornyn 272,095
johncornyn 435,453
Ted Cruz (R) SenatorTedCruz 1,164,552
tedcruzpage 1,968,126
Utah Orrin Hatch (R) enatororrinhatch 31,652
OrrinHatch 28,144
Mike Lee (R) senatormikelee 386,038
mikeleeUT 28,625
Vermont Patrick Leahy (D) SenatorPatrickLeahy 42,143
patrickleahy 12,516
Bernard Sanders (I) senatorsanders 7,488,006
berniesanders 4,985,543
Virginia Mark Warner (D) MarkRWarner 144,321
MarkWarnerVa 18,526
Tim Kaine (D) SenatorKaine 270,815
timkaine 283,837
Washington Patty Murray (D) pattymurray 285,770
Maria Cantwell (D) senatorcantwell 123,445
mariacantwell 33,896
West Virginia Joe Manchin III (D) JoeManchinIII 65,644
JoeManchinWV 4,023
Shelley Moore Capito (R) senshelley 44,295
ShelleyMooreCapitoForWestVirginia 43,529
Wisconsin Ron Johnson (R) senronjohnson 56,032
RonJohnsonWI 75,535
Tammy Baldwin (D) senatortammybaldwin 88,076
TammyBaldwin 111,353
Wyoming Michael Enzi (R) mikeenzi 18,375
John Barrasso (R) johnbarrasso 20,457
barrassoforwyoming 16,308