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ICANN Do Whatever I Wants

By Duane Thresher, Ph.D.          May 25, 2019

What is ICANN and why should you care that ICANN do whatever I wants? ICANN stands for Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. Among other profitable Internet fiefdoms, they control the Domain Name System (DNS).

You've probably heard of DNS but don't know exactly what it is. Computers on the Internet have numerical (IP) addresses, like When you go with your browser to a website, which is on a webserver computer somewhere on the Internet, you have to tell your browser the webserver computer address. People have a hard time remembering numbers like that but are much better with names, like icann.org, which is a domain name. DNS is a system of computers on the Internet, queried by your browser, that translate domain names into IP address numbers, like icann.org into

DNS is similarly used by email. Like webservers, email server computers have numerical (IP) addresses, like, that have to be translated from email addresses, like goran.marby@icann.org, specifically the domain name, icann.org. If the DNS is set wrong or maliciously, email could be redirected to the wrong recipient.

If you've ever bought a domain name you'll know that part of the cost is the ICANN fee. It doesn't seem like much, especially compared to the exorbitant domain registrar's fee, but added up over hundreds of millions of domain names, it's a lot.

ICANN is registered as a non-profit corporation, but non-profit status is a scam. You can rake in billions of dollars doing the unethical, if not illegal, but if you give it all as salary to your CEO and other corporate officers, which is just an operating cost, you are still non-profit. (Hospitals are non-profit but with health care prices in them so ridiculously high they make a ton of money. Where do you think that money goes?) For this reason, among others, ICANN has been criticized by many as, at best, "lacking financial prudence".

ICANN was originally set up to be just a technical standards organization, consisting of and run by IT experts, but has mutated into an IT incompetent profit-making political organization.

Goran Marby has been CEO and President of ICANN since May 2016. He is IT incompetent. He only has a BS in finance from the University of Gothenburg (School of Business, Economics and Law).

As you can tell by his university, Goran Marby is from Sweden. So are some of my ancestors. I still have relatives I know living outside Stockholm. So it's OK for me to criticize Swedes, even ridicule them. I do a wicked impression of the Swedish Chef from the Muppet Show. Oh, and the Nobel Prize is a politically-correct leftist liberal sham run by fools. Swede Alfred Nobel, inventor of dynamite and the biggest arms dealer of his time, would even be embarrassed by what it has become.

Norse mythology also came from Sweden. Loki was the evil trickster god. The Midgard (World) Serpent was Loki's child and grew so large that it encircled the earth in a stranglehold. Interesting how ICANN, including its logo, can be so fittingly equated with the World Serpent, and Goran Marby can be so fittingly equated with Loki.

Speaking of IT incompetent Swedes involved with domain name corruption, there is also Arne Josefsberg, GoDaddy's Chief Information Officer (CIO), and Chief Infrastructure Officer, and Executive Vice President, and .... Like Marby, Josefsberg is IT incompetent. He has no IT education. The non-IT MS he does have is from an obscure Swedish college and a Swedish MS is equivalent, if at all, to an American BS (4 years after high school). Like many Europeans, the Swedish claim their BS degree is an MS so that Swedes can outcompete Americans for American jobs. Swedish universities are also typically inferior to American universities; that's why so many come to America for college.

I used to use GoDaddy for domain name registration and webhosting, until (2018) their IT incompetence became financially unbearable — they screwed up the DNS on my business website, made the website unreachable, and would do nothing to fix it. When I tried to move my domain names to another registrar, GoDaddy/Josefsberg put an arbitrary 60-day hold on them, hoping I would just forget or give up and continue paying their exorbitant annual domain name registration fees.

I made an official complaint to ICANN/Marby. All I ever got, after repeated emails to them, was form emails asking for more information — after I very thoroughly documented the abuse and the rules against it — and emails saying they considered what GoDaddy did as perfectly acceptable. ICANN has been repeatedly widely criticized for ignoring, even abetting, domain name registrar corruption. Those Swedes are thick as thieves.

I waited the two months and finally transferred my domain names, then immediately deleted my GoDaddy account (as everyone should).

ICANN is incorporated in politically-correct leftist liberal California, in Los Angeles, near Hollywood and Beverly Hills, and that's where Swede Goran Marby lives, very comfortably. Sweden has become rabidly politically-correct leftist liberals and hates the U.S. Whenever it can, this otherwise powerless country tries to thwart the U.S. Their Nobel Peace Prize, for example, is routinely given in order to embarrass the U.S.

But ICANN provides more powerful weapons.

For example, ICANN came up with the very expensive .sucks domain, whose sole purpose — there can be no other — is for domain name registrars, and ICANN, to extort money from companies who, in order to protect their brands, don't want anyone else getting their company.sucks domain.

ICANN used to be run by IT experts and under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Department of Commerce. (Interestingly, the DoC was also supposed to control who could get a .edu domain but they surrendered that to another "non-profit" corporation, Educause, which again makes a lot of money from registering the domain names.) Under Obama, it was decided to let the rest of the world run ICANN instead, to make it politically-correctly "multinational", and by 2016, with IT incompetent Swede Goran Marby as CEO and President, ICANN was an organization answering to no one.

The U.S. is the most important country on the Internet and has the most to lose from losing control of it. Letting other countries control it just for political correctness' sake is a massive foolish national security risk. ICANN could conceivably break the DNS of the website of every U.S. company (including Amazon), just like mine was broken by GoDaddy, and possibly cause the economic collapse of the U.S. Email, including the U.S. Government's, could be rerouted from its intended recipients to foreign governments. Currently, ICANN's top priority is to collude with other countries to thwart the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA).

But ICANN do whatever I wants.