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Apscitu Puzzle #3.

Apscitu Puzzle #3 — For Incompetent Corrupt Government Officials

          May 15, 2020

A puzzle to mark the day when I finally overcame obstructions by Virginia Governor Ralph Northam and U.S. District Court Judge David J. Novak and served a summons on Northam in my case against him for violation of my First Amendment right to peaceably assemble, even during the Coronavirus Scare:  Dr. Duane Thresher v. Governor of Virginia Ralph Northam. I had the summons served by going, without a mask, to Richmond, where both Northam and Novak work, and waiting while the Richmond Office of the Sheriff served the summons on Governor Northam.

Download a pdf of Apscitu Puzzle #3 here. For puzzle background and discussion, which may help doing the puzzle, see the March 14, 2020 article, Introducing Apscitu Puzzles, including doing Apscitu Puzzle #1 if you haven't yet.