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Wanted: Visionary Investors for Historic Business Plan

          July 20, 2022

For the last few months I (Duane Thresher, Ph.D.) have been working on a historic business plan that will greatly expand what Apscitu Inc. does. I thus have had little time for working on articles. Further, I will now be pitching the business plan to investors and will again have little time for working on articles.

The business plan title is:
Business Plan Seeking Seed Money Investor for Apscitu Inc.,
A Multibillion Dollar Company To Be That Will Simultaneously and
Profitably Upgrade and Secure America's Infrastructure:
Electrical Grid, Internet Backbone, and Cell Phone System
I'm looking for investors with vision, who want to be part of something historic, the engineering equivalent of landing a man on the moon.

Unwanted: dull investors who just want to invest in the latest app fad company, hoping to cash in when the company is sold at a ridiculously high price to Microsoft or Google or other company that has stopped innovating and will subsequently sit on or otherwise destroy the idea.

Visionary investors can contact me via Apscitu's Secure Contact page.