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We are Apscitu Inc., with all the protections that implies (and we are knowledgeable about these). Apscitu is a trademark and infringement on it will be vigorously prosecuted. The website design is copyright Apscitu Inc. 2017.

We only accept non-criminal U.S. clients. In IT, working for or working as a foreigner makes one suspect, especially when it comes to security; it makes one IT incompetent.

Unlike many providing IT services and consulting to U.S. government and business, Apscitu Inc. is a U.S. corporation and I am a U.S. citizen, born in the U.S.A. I was born on an Air Force ICBM base during the Cold War while my father, an Air Force officer, was manning a missile silo (plus a couple of years ago my wife, daughter, and I lived among active silos in Montana), and I was raised on Air Force bases throughout the U.S. and the world. While I was at MIT I did some mathematical modeling of nuclear war scenarios with Russia. My years of work with U.S. Government supercomputers at NASA and ARSC, a Department of Defense facility, required clearance. My brother, a former police officer, is an ICE agent for the Department of Homeland Security.

Regarding our Expert IT News articles:

Unless otherwise noted all articles are copyright Apscitu Inc. with their stated date. However, with attribution and without alteration our articles can be reprinted and linked to. All photos are copyright as noted (hover over them in the article); artwork may be copyright Apscitu Inc.

We never say anything we can't prove or, after doing our due diligence, don't firmly believe. We are thus not afraid of lawsuits and will respond aggressively to them. In fact, I may sue first; see FBI Hacking Investigation Negligence Lawsuit, Part 1.

This is particularly true since our mission is to stop IT incompetence to the highest levels of government and business, which requires shaming individuals who are IT incompetent. See Apscitu Inc.'s IT Incompetents Halls of Shame:

Government IT Incompetents Hall Of Shame

Business IT Incompetents Hall Of Shame

Media IT Incompetents Hall Of Shame