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Legal Notes for Apscitu Inc. and Apscitu, Apscitu Mail, and Stop IT Incompetence Websites

Apscitu Inc.

We are Apscitu Inc., with all the protections "Inc." implies, about which we are knowledgeable. I am Apscitu Inc. CEO Duane Thresher, B.S., M.S., M.Phil., Ph.D. Apscitu is a trademark and protection of it will be vigorously enforced.

Website Design

All website designs -- Apscitu, Apscitu Mail, Stop IT Incompetence -- are copyright Apscitu Inc. 2019.

The Apscitu name logo is based on the punched cards of early computers (actually until the mid-1980s), which were used to input programs to these mainframe computers (single computers shared by many users). While this may seem a contradictory symbol for the advanced IT of Apscitu it actually is not. The use of punched cards was so tedious that much thought was put into the programs typed on them so as to avoid mistakes and make the programs as cleverly short as possible. Apscitu has this same design philosophy. The more complicated, the less secure.

I had the "opportunity" while I was first at MIT to program using punched cards for a couple of weeks before the old mainframe computer was hauled away. I can confirm that it was extremely tedious -- if you made a program mistake you had to re-type the punched cards and again walk(!) over and submit them (a "batch job") to the computer operator to wait in a queue to have them run on the mainframe computer.

Website News

Expert IT News (Apscitu), Expert Email News (Apscitu Mail), and Expert News (Stop IT Incompetence) articles are copyright Apscitu Inc. with their stated date. However, with attribution and without alteration our articles can be reprinted and linked to. All photos are copyright as noted (hover over them in the article); artwork may be copyright Apscitu Inc.

We never say anything we can't prove or, after doing our due diligence, don't firmly believe. We are thus not afraid of lawsuits and will aggressively countersue, including subpoenas for all information, about which we, as IT experts, are very knowledgeable.

Stop IT Incompetence

This courage in the face of lawsuits is particularly true since one of our missions is to stop IT incompetence to the highest levels of government, business, and media, which requires shaming individuals who are IT incompetent. See our Stop IT Incompetence website and its Government, Business, and Media IT Incompetents Halls Of Shame (ITIHOS).

Apscitu Mail

While Apscitu Mail is designed so there is no email or logs for anyone to read anyway in the very unlikely event they gained access to its private individual email servers, Apscitu Inc. will not allow the NSA (and so CIA, FBI, etc.) built-in regular access to these email servers, unlike Google and Microsoft email. And all warrants will be contested. (But Apscitu Inc. only accepts non-criminal -- based on our judgement -- U.S. clients; see Select Clients below.)

Who even has Apscitu Mail is strictly confidential, including from the IT departments of our clients' organizations.

Contrary to popular belief, use of private email accounts by government employees is not illegal. All a government employee has to do is make sure that all government-related emails are made available to the government; for example, by simply forwarding them to the employee's government email account (which ironically nowadays may be a Google or Microsoft email account).

Legal Consulting / Expert Witness

I consult on legal cases involving IT, including testifying as an expert witness. It would be extremely hard to find someone more qualified than I am as an IT expert. This allows shutting down the opposing side's IT expert, which you may even find in the IT Incompetents Hall Of Shame.

Select Clients

We only accept non-criminal -- based on our judgement -- U.S. clients.

Working for foreign clients, particularly governments, should make one ineligible to work for U.S. clients, particularly government, due to questionable divided loyalties. Would you hire a lawyer who also worked for your opponent? Unlike many providing IT services and consulting to U.S. government, business, and media, Apscitu Inc. is a completely U.S. corporation and I am a U.S. citizen, born in the U.S.A. See Stop IT Incompetence, particularly Principles of IT Incompetence (IT Hiring: Foreigners) and the IT Incompetents Hall Of Shame.


To contact Apscitu Inc. for services and consulting or for legal reasons, as described, read the Secure Contact page.