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Apscitu Inc. provides highest-grade ultra-secure custom IT services and consulting for select clients.

What is IT? Since Information Technology (IT) is really communication-of-information technology, IT is mostly computer networking. (Cyber is a prefix meaning IT, so for example, IT security is also known as cybersecurity.) "Computer" includes supercomputers, desktops, laptops, tablets, phones, etc. There has been a "convergence" and all of these devices now communicate -- their most important function -- over the same networks, particularly the Internet.

Networking, at its first, lowest, physical layer (hardware; e.g., cables, wireless), is mostly electrical engineering. At its last, highest, application layer (software; e.g., the World Wide Web), it is mostly computer science. However, at either end, extensive knowledge of the other end is necessary.

Highest-grade means expert. An expert in IT means an expert in computer networking, which means an expert in electrical engineering and computer science. The most important qualification for being an IT expert is an IT education, not experience, since experience without foundational education is meaningless; having worked unqualified for years is not itself a qualification, just a condemnation of the employer. Would you trust your life to a doctor or a lawyer with no medical or legal education?

This IT education should be from a good university, since there are countless low-ranked colleges -- e.g. for-profit and community colleges -- providing worthless IT educations.

Many, particularly those from these schools and including your alternatives to us, our competitors, claim to be IT experts but are just dangerous fakes/frauds.

Among other educational qualifications -- see my Credentials -- I, Dr. Duane Thresher, who do all the technical work for Apscitu Inc., have a B.S. from MIT in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and a Ph.D. from Columbia University and NASA in supercomputing. I am a real IT expert.

Fake IT schools, fake IT experts, just two of a number of reasons for the plague of IT incompetence destroying America today. Apscitu's mission is to stop this plague of IT incompetence to the highest levels of government, business, and media. To that end, besides providing real expert IT service and consulting, we created the Stop IT Incompetence website, home of the IT Incompetents Hall Of Shame and Principles of IT Incompetence.

The results of this plague of IT incompetence are the massive data breaches that are frequently in the news. Given these frequent massive data breaches, security (cybersecurity) has become the most important aspect of IT. Because of Apscitu's IT expertise and because it does custom work, Apscitu can provide ultra-security.

Custom work is important because IT solutions for the masses usually have lax security in order to make them easily work for everybody. Security is in the details and the details differ for individuals (one size does not fit all), particularly VIPs.

VIPs are what we mean by "select clients", those who need us the most and need the best. They are the biggest hacker targets and have the most to lose. Apscitu Inc. serves the entire United States, but particularly Washington D.C. See Legal page for restrictions.

Apscitu's most important service is Apscitu Mail, the new revolutionary ultra-secure custom email for VIPs. Apscitu Mail has its own website and you can read about Apscitu Mail there.

However, given Apscitu's IT expertise and custom work we can provide whatever IT service you need.

Apscitu's Expert IT News articles (which also include those from Apscitu Mail and Stop IT Incompetence) are just the (excellent) start of Apscitu's consulting. We can come and tell you how to fix your current IT or better yet, let us consult on it right from the start.

I also consult on legal cases involving IT, including testifying as an expert witness. It would be extremely hard to find someone more qualified than I am as an IT expert. This allows shutting down the opposing side's IT expert, which you may even find in our IT Incompetents Hall Of Shame.

Further, I give entertaining informative lectures on IT, particularly IT in the news, such as in Apscitu's Expert IT News articles.

Apscitu does custom work so our prices depend on exactly what we do for you, which requires discussion with you and analysis of your needs. We work for those who have the most to lose so need the best and our prices are very low compared to what they have to lose.

For more information, contact us, securely via email of course, by reading our Secure Contact page. There is no obligation so no need to hesitate. You'll get some free expert IT consulting just from the initial contact.